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Our Philosophy.....

…is to share our world, experience and knowledge with you.
To teach you how to ‘see’ the world around you and to capture and record it beautifully.

Our Philosophy.....

………is to share our world and experience with you.
To teach you how to ‘see’ the world around you and to capture it beautifully.

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Welcome to our Academy

Video filmed at our home  in South Africa. This is where we run  ‘The Photo Shed Academy’ 

Drone footage by Keith Imaging

Join us in the Nature Reserve in South Africa where we live, on the edge of an estuary where wild horses roam free and the birdlife is abundant. 

From our log cabin under a Milkwood Forest, we bring ‘The Photo Shed Academy’. A place where the experience of the instructors will guide you in a simple and easy to understand way. 

We teach graduates, entrepreneurs and the “yold” (“young-old”) the wonderful world of visual interpretation.

As pro photographers, writers and enthusiastic travellers, we will teach you how to become visual content creators.

What Our Clients Say


‘As always I have learnt so much with Leanne and Peter. Being able to practice all helps with the learning process. Seeing everyone’s set up pictures was very interesting…so many nice ideas.

The feedback session was very valuable as well…to see how you could have taken a photo differently to get a better result. It was great to be part of this. ‘Mariette


‘Just a note of thanks to Leanne and Peter. This really taught me to look at everything at a new angle and to think before shooting. Thanks to everyone for their feedback, which was always positive.

I’m really going to miss doing this, and perhaps this has led to a new habit of finding a challenge every day to capture.’  Karen


‘Leanne is a great teacher! She explains things simply and makes difficult concepts easy to understand. Her webinars focused on teaching us how to use the light and take pictures from the correct angle.  I now try to make the picture first, before just taking.

I have been inspired to learn more about light and getting it right!! Thank you for your great courses, Leanne and Peter.’  Ros

Ready to Learn?

Our interactive courses are provided online making it easily accessible for everyone.

This Weeks Featured Course:


All of these three courses are explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Not only will they will set you up technically, but they will get your creative juices flowing too.

These steps are imperative as a base for your understanding into the wonderful world of photography.

Think About it.....


Then our Academy is for You!

Each online course:

cell and camera homepage-min

Our Two Week Intern Program:

We Welcome All Ages + All Skills Levels

Out & About at Our Academy:


I walked out of our front door on a grey afternoon and was home within a couple of hours. 

I captured the beauty around us, in that time … in that light.  

Enjoy! We have so much more to share. 

Follow us to experience it all.


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