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Photography is all about light! We teach you to find the light, angle the light and then capture it beautifully.

Learn to be a ‘Light Stalker’ with us!


We teach you to get the technical set up right first, on iPhones, Samsung & Huawei phones.

Then teach you how to take great photos from a photographers point of view.

Learn to photograph
in Manual Mode

Taking a great photo can be luck – you find yourself in a ‘Nat Geo’ moment. You are simply
in the the right place, right light, right time. And you have a camera. Voila! It should be so easy!

The thing that you then need is to be able to get it right technically.

To be the best that you can, you need to understand MANUAL MODE.

Blogging 101: "Craft your own blog business"

Have something to say, a passion project, or lots of opinions?

Why not start a blog?

We teach you how to identify your niche, set up a blog site, and tips and tricks on creating content.

We will also show you how to get your blog noticed and share various ways it can be used to generate income.

Social Media

Having a Facebook page is not social media marketing. Social media marketing, if done properly, is a powerful tool in your marketing mix.

We discuss the different social media platforms, and what type of content is best suited for each one.

Learn how to create campaigns, marketing strategies and content plans.

Digital Story

Telling a compelling story is a powerful way to connect with your audience. It is very different to advertising copy or writing a review.

We will teach you where and how to find stories and how to tell them in an engaging manner.

Words, pictures and videos or a combination.

Learn how to craft a good story, when to use words and pics or a stand alone video.

Photoshop 101

Introduction and Basic Functions:

Have you always wanted to understand PhotoShop? Perhaps you have started exploring it, but are somewhat confused by what you see on your screen?

Let us help you master this powerful tool, one that will bring a new level to your finished photographic product. Starting from the very basics, we teach you a logical workflow through  the large variety of options available.

Learn the difference between a RAW image and a JPEG and what having the former available means to the final edited product.

Photoshop 201

Attacking the Intermediate Stuff:

Now that you have a handle on the basics of PhotoShop, let us start equipping you with a toolbox of adjustments you can employ to take your photographs from good to truly great.

Masks and Adjustment Layers are the backbone of our PhotoShop 201 course. Let us guide you through these super-powerful tools which will enable you to make amazing adjustments, in the most subtle way.

You won’t believe the before and after versions of your photographs!

Photoshop 202
Intermediate Cont.

Onwards and upwards with the intermediate stuff:

Having mastered Masks and Adjustment Layers in PhotoShop 201, let’s continue building on your knowledge and your ever-growing toolbox of PhotoShop techniques.

Our advanced intermediate workshop equips you with further editing skills to achieve the look you were desiring, but not able to capture in camera.


Photography is your brands strongest impression.  It has to match your brand, be captivating, be relative and engage your audience.

You simply cannot promote a strong brand with bad photography.


Are you in tourism?

Learn to take photos that sell your products, your services and the spirit of your team!

The Bloggers Booster Bundle
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Master the Art of Cell Phone Photography
  • Photographing with Natural Light
  • Blogging 101

Create your own Blogging Business by understanding how to take a good photograph with the camera that is always in your hand;

how to work with natural light giving you beautiful and creative photographs and what you need to craft your own Blog

The Photoshop Power Bundle
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • PhotoShop 101:  Beginners
  • PhotoShop 201: Intermediate
  • PhotoShop 202: Intermediate Continued

Become fluent in PhotoShop:

From the very beginning and then through many creative techniques.

This bundle of PhotoShop courses will give you a clear understanding of this incredible processing program.

The Entrepreneurs Starter Pack (3 in 1. Less 15%)

  • Master the Art of Cell Phone Photography
  • Photography for your Brand
  • Social Media Marketing
Getting your business image right PLUS getting it out there is vital in your journey as an entrepreneur. This 3-in-1 course bundle teaches you to how to master the technical aspects of your cell phone camera as well as how to take creative photos that stand out! You then learn how to photograph for your brand. Consistency in your image is key to making your brand stand out, and its a combination of colour, deign and photography. Once you have these elements clear, we teach you ho to market your business and get it out there. A perfect bundle for to gently guide you with tutorials that are clear and easy to understand. Go for it!

A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Online (3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Story Telling
  • Blogging 101

Get it all!

This 3-in-1 bundle gives you the tools to up skill yourself in the world of on-line.

Learn to write, blog and market!

Catapult your online presence to a new level with these three easy to understand courses.

The Digital Story Tellers Power Pack (3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Photographing with Natural Light
  • Digital Story Telling
  • PhotoShop 101:  Beginners

This is a great package to launch your story telling journey.

It includes how to put the magic of Natural Light into your photographs, how to conceptualise, plan and create storyboards – followed the beginners course of PhotoShop.

The Tourism Master Class
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Blogging 101
  • Digital Story Telling
  • Photography that Sells Tourism

The Ultimate Tourism Trio ( 3 in 1. less 15%)


  • Master the Art of Cell Phone Photography
  • Photography that sells Tourism 
  • Social Media Marketing

Photographers starter pack ( 3 in 1. less 15%)


  • Learn to Photograph in Manual Mode
  • Photographing with Natural Light
  • Photoshop 101: Beginners

This bundle will set you up with the skills that you need to start your journey into photography.

All of these three courses are explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Not only will they will set you up technically, but they will get your creative juices flowing too.

These steps are imperative as a base for your understanding into the wonderful world of photography.

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