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Photography For Your Brand Tutorials

see below for course outline and requirements

tutorial page image cell phone and camera

tutorial one

Setting up your Cell Phone and/or Camera

tutorial page image cathedral

tutorial two

Starting with your composition.

tutorial page images

tutorial three

How to find the hero in your photograph

tutorial page images vineyard

tutorial four

Look for light. Make sure you stand out

tutorial page image chair on porch

tutorial five

Understanding light & adjusting exposure

tutorial page images typing

tutorial six

Getting your business image right

tutorial page images veggies

tutorial seven

How to make ‘mini-studios’ that work.

tutorial page images herbal

tutorial eight

What you need to set up your 'mini studio

tutorial page images woman with coffee mug

tutorial nine

Photographing People

tutorial page images house

tutorial ten

Photographing Interiors & Exteriors

tutorial page images egg and flour

tutorial eleven

Photographing Food & Product

tutorial page images screen

tutorial twelve

Processing & editing

tutorial page images woman with phone

tutorial thirteen

Pulling your brand together

tutorial page images social

tutorial fourteen

Voila! Getting your business out there!


  • Small owner- managed businesses
  • Entrepreneurs  using the digital space for business.
  • Marketing teams of any size business
  • Starts every Wednesday and is released over 7 days
  • Offers: 12- 16 educational tutorials and 3 – 6 practical workshops
  • Invites you to our VIP Private Facebook Group which includes our clients since 2012
  • Offers a 60 minute interactive Webinar for feedback on workshops and a Q & A session
  • Daily time required is between 15-30 minutes
  • Photographs can be taken with either a cell phone, mirrorless, DSLR, bridge, film or Mirrorless camera
  • Offers Private Tutoring at $27 per 40 minutes with the instructor of your choice (click here for more info)

Choose an experience:

The Learning Experience

  • 7 day interactive classroom experience
  • 12 video tutorials with easily explained instruction
  • 3 practical workshops
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Group with access for 14 days
  • Lifetime access to the course

PLUS: Instructor Participation

  • Includes all in 'The Learning Experience' PLUS
  • Get valuable feedback on the Private Facebook Group from your instructor
  • A LIVE Weekly Webinar group discussion and an opportunity for Q & A
  • Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Group 
  • An open invitation to attend the LIVE Weekly Webinars

PLUS: One-on-One Private Coaching

  • Includes all in 'The Learning Experience' and 'Instructor Participation' PLUS
  • A One-on-One Live Private Coaching Session with your instructor to receive in-depth feedback
  • An opportunity for deeper Personal & Skill Development
  • A Certificate of completion

This course is also available in this bundle:


The Entrepreneur Starter Pack
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Mastering the Art of Cell Phone Photography
  • Photography for your Brand
  • Social Media Marketing

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