The Photo Shed Academy

The Bloggers Booster Bundle:

Create your own Blogging Business by understanding how to take a good photograph
with the camera that is always in your hand; how to work with natural light giving you beautiful
and creative photographs and what you need to craft your own Blog.

Master the Art of Cell Phone Photography_small

Master the Art of Cell Phone Photography

We teach you to get the technical set up right first, on iPhones, Samsung & Huawei phones.

Then teach you how to take great photos from a photographers point of view.

Learn to Photograph with Natural Light_small

Photographing with Natural Light

Photography is all about light!

We teach you to find the light, angle the light and then capture it beautifully.

Learn to be a ‘Light Stalker’ with us!


Blogging 101: Craft your own Blog Business

Have something to say, a passion project, or lots of opinions?

Why not start a blog?

We teach you how to identify your niche, set up a blog site, and tips and tricks on creating content.

We will also show you how to get your blog noticed and share various ways it can be used to generate income.


Your instructors:

Peter Hassall

Leanne Dryburgh

Di Brown

Ryan Enslin

Each one of them is a seasoned professional with many years experience in their fields.

Choose an experience: Less 15% when you book these 3 courses

The Learning Experience

$141 $119
  • 7 day interactive classroom experience
  • 12 video tutorials with easily explained instruction
  • 3 practical workshops
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Group with access for 14 days
  • Lifetime access to the course

PLUS: Instructor Participation

$216 $183
  • Includes all in 'The Learning Experience' PLUS
  • Get valuable feedback on the Private Facebook Group from your instructor
  • A LIVE Weekly Webinar group discussion and an opportunity for Q & A
  • Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Group 
  • An open invitation to attend the LIVE Weekly Webinars 

PLUS: One-on-One Private Coaching

$291 $247
  • Includes all in 'The Learning Experience' and 'Instructor Participation' PLUS
  • A 30 minute One-on-One Live Private Coaching Session with each instructor to receive in-depth feedback
  • An opportunity for deeper Personal & Skill Development
  • A Certificate of completion

More Bundles:

The Photoshop Power Bundle_small

The Photoshop Power Bundle
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • PhotoShop 101:  Beginners
  • PhotoShop 201: Intermediate
  • PhotoShop 202: Intermediate Continued

The Photographers Starter Pack

The Photographers Starter Pack
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Mastering Manual Mode
  • Photographing with Natural light
  • PhotoShop 101:  Beginners

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