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PhotoShop Power Bundle:

Become fluent in PhotoShop:

From the very beginning and then through many creative techniques.

This bundle of PhotoShop courses will give you a clear understanding of this incredible processing program.


PhotoShop 101: </br>Beginners

Let us help you master this powerful tool, one that will bring a new level to your finished photographic product. Starting from the very basics, we teach you a logical workflow through the large variety of options available.

Learn the difference between a RAW image and a JPEG and what having the former available means to the final edited product.


Photoshop 201 </br>Intermediate

Attacking the Intermediate Stuff:

Now that you have a handle on the basics of PhotoShop, let us start equipping you with a toolbox of adjustments you can employ to take your photographs from good to truly great.

Masks and Adjustment Layers are the backbone of our PhotoShop 201 course. Let us guide you through these super-powerful tools which will enable you to make amazing adjustments, in the most subtle way.

You won’t believe the before and after versions of your photographs!


Photoshop 202 </br>Intermediate Cont.

Onwards and upwards with the intermediate stuff:

Having mastered Masks and Adjustment Layers in PhotoShop 201, let’s continue building on your knowledge and your ever-growing toolbox of PhotoShop techniques.

Our advanced intermediate workshop equips you with further editing skills to achieve the look you were desiring, but not able to capture in camera.

Our Team Ryan-min

Meet your instructor Ryan

Ryan is a Chartered Accountant by training, a writer and content creator at heart and, by day, an avid proponent of the tourism and hospitality industry. Often to be found with an assortment of cameras and lenses to hand, digital storytelling flows through his veins as he spends his days exploring and connecting with people.

With an approach to PhotoShop learnings seen as a life-long journey, Ryan is on a quest to constantly learn more about this very powerful tool. One which has served him well as a travel writer and content creator, to truly bring out the story captured in camera. Ryan has won several local awards for his photographic works and in PhotoShop 101 starts you on a journey to understanding the basics of PhotoShop and then 201 and 202 take your through the intermediate techniques .

Choose an experience: Less 15% when you book these 3 courses

The Learning Experience

$141 $119
  • 7 day interactive classroom experience
  • 12 video tutorials with easily explained instruction
  • 3 practical workshops
  • Invitation to Private Facebook Group with access for 14 days
  • Lifetime access to the course 

PLUS: Instructor Participation

$216 $183
  • Includes all in 'The Learning Experience' PLUS
  • Get valuable feedback on the Private Facebook Group from your instructor
  • A LIVE Weekly Webinar group discussion and an opportunity for Q & A
  • Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Group 
  • An open invitation to attend the LIVE Weekly Webinars

PLUS: One-on-One Private Coaching

$291 $247
  • Includes all in 'The Learning Experience' and 'Instructor Participation' PLUS:
  • A 30 minute One-on-One Live Private Coaching Session with each instructor to receive in-depth feedback
  • An opportunity for deeper Personal & Skill Development
  • A Certificate of completion
  • An open invitation to attend the LIVE Weekly Webinars

More Bundles:

The Digital Story Tellers Power Pack

The Digital Story Tellers Power Pack
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Photographing with Natural Light
  • Digital Story Telling
  • PotoShop 101:  Beginners

The Photographers Starter Pack

The Photographers Starter Pack
(3 in 1. Less 15%)


  • Mastering Manual Mode
  • Photographing with Natural light
  • PhotoShop 101:  Beginners

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